The Mass Interconnect solution

ODU-MAC® Black-Line

Find out more about the flexibility of the Mass Interconnect solution. ODU‐MAC® Black‐Line offers a modular concept that suits your individual requirements. In the webinar with our experts Maximilian Baumann (Product Manager) and Stephan Rottmeier (Application Manager) you will get a live demonstration on the product.

Main topics:

  • Mass Interconnect – Introduction to the topic and short overview
  • ODU‐MAC® Black‐Line: Demonstration of the electromechanical version and the advantages:
    • 8 tightening points prevent frame deformation
    • Highest flexibility due to proven ODU‐MAC® Blue‐Line modules
    • Signal blocks for very high packing density
    • Tolerance compensation thanks to 12 individual floating guide pins/docking frames
    • Optional RFID coding for adapter recognition and automation
    • Further ODU‐MAC® Black‐Line variants: 12‐Flex TWO M
  • Accessories

You have the possibility to ask questions via chat at any time. Our experts will answer them at the end of the webinar.

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